Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Image of the day - Tiara

Image of the day

digital stamp - tiara

This is about the last one I'll be doing for a while i think. Now comes the process of tidying them all up to look as proffessional as possible. :)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Images of the day

Images of the day

Digital stamp - duvet day

Digital stamp - kitty heart

Digital stamp - little princess

The next few that I've gotten pretty much done. I'm on a roll now I've figured out what I'm doing :) I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the paths tool now and I can get things done quicker.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Images of the day - Whimsical kids

Images of the day

Digital stamp - little pirate

digital stamp - little ballerina

Finally I've redone all the ones i had already done and have started on new ones. They'll need a little bit of a tidy up still but the quality is a whole lot better in my opinion :) Hopefully soon I'll have enough done and tidied to actually start seriously thinking about getting myself a website to sell them :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Image of the day - New and Improved Alley cat

Image of the day
Digital stamp - alley cat
Finally I am back after taking a week off to play Mists of Panderia the new World of Warcraft expansion. I have revisited my little alley cat because yesterday I found a tutorial online and figured out how to make my curved lines smooth using the paths tool :D I was soooo happy. Now my images actually look fairly close to proffessional ( in my opinion anyways ). I'm not sure you can actually see much of a difference at this size but I have been printing them out at A4 size to check for wobbly lines etc and the difference is Huuuge. The downside is of course I have to go through every one that I've done so far and do them again. Not sure if I'll put any more up here until I get through the ones I've already done and start some new ones, as I don't want anyone getting bored. I just wanted to let everyone know how I'm getting on and that I haven't vanished :)