Sunday, 30 December 2012

Aceo of the day - Dawn

Aceo of the day

whimsical houses - dawn

This is my first attempt at an Illustration Friday challenge. The subject was "new" which got me to thinking of dawn as a "new day" so here's what I came up with :) Now that Christmas is over and things have started settling down I should have some more time to draw - especially when the little one goes back to school :)

On a more personal note - I have now recovered from my op :) the doctor thinks it was a complete success but there is a chance the problem could re-occur. I'll have a checkup in 3 months and hopefully get the all clear. Yay :)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Christmas designs

New Christmas designs

Digital stamp - little shepherds

digital stamp - little angel

I've been keeping myself busy lately coming up with some more Christmas designs for my digi-stamp website/blog. I have a couple more ideas but I don't know if they'll be completed in time to be made into Christmas cards. Still even if they're too late - there's always next year :)

To get myself back into Aceo mode I've decided to start trying the challenges on Illustration Friday as Aceos - maybe using my whimsical houses. It'll be an interesting diversion and should be fun :)