Saturday, 30 June 2012

Aceo of the day - big city skyscrapers

Aceo of the day
whimsical houses - big city

 Today's design brings you some big city skyscrapers - made a nice change from my usual round little houses :)

Friday, 29 June 2012

Aceo of the day - tulips

Aceo of the day - tulips

whimsical houses - tulips
Today - tulips from Amsterdam :) This one is a slight reworking of a design I made for my mum which used pink flower beads. I've included the original below - though the scan isn't very good quality because the beads weren't flat so the scan came out a little blurred.
whimsical houses - pink flowers

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aceo of the day - This England

Aceo of the day - This England

whimsical houses - this england

Finally got my England design sorted out - london bus, hedgerows and Bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Aceo of the day - U.F.Os

Aceo of the day - U.F.Os

whimsical houses - UFO

 This is the design I ended up with today - maybe I should watch the sci-fi channel a little less :) I also worked out my England design so I should be able to paint that one up tomorrow after food shopping is done. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Aceo(s) of the day

Aceo(s) of the day

I usually try to get at least one aceo card done per day as long as I'm not working on any bigger pieces and I shall try to post them here as and when they're done. These are what I've come up with over the last couple of days - and I also drew up an "England" themed card to complete my set of the countries of the British Isles but I'm not 100% happy with it yet - I'll probably work on it a bit more before i get it painted up :)

whimsical cats - duvet day

whimsical houses - irish gold

Monday, 25 June 2012

Fantasy Art Gallery

sunset unicorn

 Fantasy Gallery - Larger works

Finally, as the last of my gallery posts, these are some of my larger paintings which are between A5 and A4 in size. There's not so many of them as they take a lot longer to paint than my little ACEO cards :) I've also included the pin-up style painting I made for my dad for father's day - just to show I CAN do's just that dragons and unicorns are more fun :)

dragon moon

first flight
gothic unicorn
valentine dragons

pink ribbons

hooked on fishing

Aceo gallery - other fantasy

Aceo Gallery - Other fantasy

flowers and ribbons
 Some more of my recent Aceo cards that dont fit into my whimsical themes. these are the ones I have done when I have a bit more time than usual....and spare time is a pretty rare commodity when you're a mum :)
feathers and beads

night mare

purple dragon

dream catcher

golden heart dragon
mystic unicorn
stonehenge storm
dragon twilight
blue and gold

snow fairy

Aceo gallery - Whimsical Cats

Aceo Gallery - Whimsical Cats

whimsical cats - on the fence
 Another gallery post showing past Aceo work. I've only just started trying the cats theme for my aceo cards so not many of these - as yet.

whimsical cats - cats choir

whimsical cats - egyptian prince

Aceo gallery - whimsical houses

 Aceo Gallery - Whimsical Houses

whimsical houses - starry night
The next few posts will be "gallery" posts where I show the ACEO and other artwork I have produced since I started painting work to sell at the beginning of the year. These little whimsical houses have proved to be quite popular and quite good sellers, so that is why they're my biggest gallery. Some of these aceo cards are sold - some not as yet. Whenever I have items up for sale I shall link to my e-bay page for anyone interested in buying :)

whimsical houses - crazy cats

whimsical houses - fairytale castle

whimsical houses - spring butterflies

whimsical houses - desert island

whimsical houses - yellow brick road

whimsical houses - lighthouse

whimsical houses - orange sunset
whimsical houses - purple mountains

whimsical houses - pirate cove

whimsical houses - wild west

whimsical houses - winter snow

whimsical houses - summer sunflower

whimsical houses - thunderstorm

whimsical houses - washing line

whimsical houses - great britain

whimsical houses - autumn leaves

whimsical houses - oriental house
whimsical houses - oriental temple

whimsical houses - Welsh hills
whimsical houses - mountain house
whimsical houses - mountain village

whimsical houses - scottish loch
whimsical houses - fireworks