Friday, 27 July 2012

Aceo(s) of the day - crafty collages

Aceo(s) of the day

collages - chocolate heart II

collages - chocolate heart

collages - flower petal

collages - star and stripes

Today my 0.05 mm black fineline pen that was on it's last legs yesterday died a death so I decided to get crafty with some collages using bits and pieces from my bits box ( old greeting cards, stick on crystals etc ). Our son wanted to join in too so I gave him a couple of aceo blanks to get creative with and I said I'd put them on mummy's computer for him so here you go :) 

Davion ( age 5 1/2 )'s art cards

Davion's art - One with a "G" on it

Davion's art - One with "13" on it

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