Monday, 4 February 2013

Images of the day - Valentines designs

Valentines of the day :)

Digi Stamp - heart balloon

digi stamp - love heart

digi stamp - kitties in love

digi stamp - love you kitty

Sorry for the delay in updating - I have been working on a larger project over the last week or so. I had a random idea for a larger painting while watching a movie, and decided to work it up after some input from the other half :) It is slightly smaller than A3 in size so I will scan it in and post it once I get chance to get out to the stationers and photocopy it down to A4 so it will fit in my scanner. It does fit in with Illustration friday's topic of "wings" which they had last week but unfortunately it wasn't finished in time :(

Anyways, aside from that, I have worked up these four designs for my Digi stamp website and posted them up - hopefully in time for valentines day :)