Thursday, 4 April 2013

Image of the day - Horsie bookmark

Image of the day

Bookmark - Horsies

Something a little different today :)

This one came about because I was looking through the internet for worksheets/activity sheets I could print out for our 5 year old to keep him occupied during the Easter school holidays. I found some sheets of bookmarks to print out and colour in. A few of them were quite nice and I was tempted to print some out for myself when i thought - hang on, why don't you draw your own. So I did :)

Have a couple more ideas for bookmarks drawn out that I shall try to get painted up over the next few days. Mostly old themes I have used for aceos in the past, but what the heck, why not :). I will probably put them up on e-bay next time there's a free listings weekend just to test the waters. No idea if they'd sell or not but I can use them myself if they dont.

Size - 20cm x 4 cm

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