Friday, 19 July 2013

Fairground art

Fairground art - bookmark/magnet

It's been a while, I know - sorry about that :(  I have been working hard though :)
My items have been accepted at the knitting shop in town and the owner says that as I'm not taking up much table space, instead of charging me £5 a week she'll take 10% commission from any sales.
It's been just over a week now so I think I'll leave it a few more days and then pop in to see how sales are going. In the meantime I've been working on some more bookmarks and magnets ( I've run out of keyrings atm, will have to order some more blanks )

These two were inspired by a trip to a vintage fairground that I went on with my son's class on a school trip as a volunteer. The artwork on all the old rides ( especially the fairground horses ) was lovely :)

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