Sunday, 25 November 2012

Nearly ready for new blog/website launch

Images of the day

Whimsical cats - kitty stocking

Hopefully sometime in the next week I will be ready to launch my new blog/website featuring my designs as digitals stamps for download. This is the image I decided to use as a freebie for the first post of my new blog ( without the watermark obviously ;) ) Christmas is just around the corner after all :)

I have also come up with a banner/button to use for advertising:

I may need to mess around with the sizing a bit but I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Pretty simple - but at least it's clear to read and that means it should work in smaller sizes. I may put the little dragon design up for sale with the others on the website too. It seems a shame to just put her on the advertising and leave her to languish in my pictures folder :)

I'll be heading to hospital a week on Tuesday for my op - I'll try to get everything sorted and go blog hopping to promote myself before then. If all goes well I'll be home again by lunchtime the next day though I may take a few days off. The other half has ordered me to "take it easy" for a while afterwards so I plan to make the most of it :D

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