Saturday, 15 June 2013

Images of the day - Jewellery experiments

Images of the day

necklace - pink gothic skull

barrette - gothic skulls

It's been a bit of a slow week this week - I am looking forward to going off on holiday to see my family in Wales next weekend so my mind isn't really on painting :) 
I have done a few things though. these two are sort of experimental - I wanted to try making jewellery using laminated designs.

The first is a pendant/necklace made using a laminated image and a few beads. I threaded them onto a shoelace as I didn't really want to buy any proper supplies in until I found out if I could make it work or not. Still needs some work ( and a mini hole puncher for the pendant ) I think.

The second is a metal hair barrette with a laminated image attached with glue. pretty pleased with how this one turned out :)